COM0014 – Blog #2 : Communication Styles


The art of communication is the primary goal for the Kindergarten children. The different methods of communication are used to make children more confident, more clear in explaining concepts and learn the best language of gestures. All of them are trained with the same techniques, but all children are not the same in communication. When we grow up as an individual, then recognize that not everyone has the same communication strength and style

In today’s world, people need effective communication skills. Over the years everyone develops their own natural Communication style. However, you must have come across people at workplace or at a party who eliminate misunderstandings in a relaxed and efficient way. Communicating effectively with people of diverse personalities is an art. In other words, people with good communication skills know their strengths and weakness in their natural style.

So, we need to find out what kind of communication styles our friends, colleagues and bosses have.

Thinker: Thinkers are detailed and task oriented people, they are focused to get the job done right. Thinkers are less assertive than a feeler and a doer. They communicate in a detailed way to make sure no mistakes are made and sometimes they lost in their world to make decisions from their head. Thinkers are calm, thorough, detailed, fact based, logical and analytical.

Expressor:  Expressor focus on creative ideas through their strong, colorful and expressive personality. Their style of communication is assertive and people oriented. They truly enjoy entertaining people and perceiving information through pictures, feelings and expressions. The expresor’s style is that people should feel free to express their opinions and articulate what they feel.

Director: A direct person is not afraid of building new relationships and meeting new people. They react to actions, energetic, fast and focused on results. For a director, learning is achieved by doing. Director frame the world the place of happenings and try to achieve good results.

People are the combination of all the three – Thinker, Expressor and Director, however we have notice emphasis are one over the other depending on the field of work or circumstances. When we are able to recognize various communication styles and adjust our approach, the life will be easier in the corporate world.



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