Social Media Zombie


          It’s rare in my current life that I just want to reject all communication devices, close all my apps and crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head and talk – if I still feel like talking – only to humans breathing in my space, but this week was it. I was working in a beautiful city for 4 days. And,  was unexpectedly holed up in a less than ideal hotel room with very little natural light, a broken AC system and a bit of a work crisis. I sat for hours with a softphone on my head, my work computer remotely connected in front of me and my cell phone at my side. Aside from food breaks and very sweaty half-sleeps, I was connected for consecutive hours with people across the country. Living, breathing people in the city I inhabited played a minor role in my visit. Oh wait a minute, I did get to spend 5 hours with a whole group of people in an emergency department to get some stitches. (I sliced my feet open on my way to some hotel food.) And even in the ED, I passed the time texting and checking our FB. To complicate all this, my husband was in the same city caring for a family member in need. Due to our individual responsibilities, we did not see each other but texted and sent images of our lives to stay connected. It felt surreal. It was surreal and after 4 days I wanted to be unconnected – more than ever before.

So, all this to say that I feel like it’s time to audit how I use digital and social media in both work and my personal life. My next task is to figure out how…



One thought on “Social Media Zombie

  1. I couldn’t agree more – people need to step back and evaluate their time spent on digital and social media. Families need to spend time together – talking! We are starting to lose the art of conversation – it’s easier to send an email or text instead of picking up a phone or walking down a hallway to chat. The younger generation knows no other way! Let’s stop the digital and social media addiction long enough to try talking to someone around us!

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