Professional Networking now and in the future – COM0015

Assignment1-Post 3-2016

Iliana Auveana

What is your present strategy for developing your professional network online and in person?

I’m registered on LinkedIn and Twitter for professional purposes. I have invited experts in Marketing to be part of my network. I always check if they post anything interesting. I have around 90 connections with three different groups: people I worked with, I’m working with, and with people I’m interested in following because of their expertise.

I have a mentor to help me define more my career objectives. She has given plenty of useful advice:

  • skills to develop according to the position I’m aiming,
  • links to get the right information,
  • courses I should take to have the necessary training for a higher position,
  • people to meet to get more information about a particular field I would like to know more about.

This past Friday, for example, I met an expert in Change Management from the Canada School of Public Service, who gave me all the information I needed on the subject. Wherever we go, we need to understand the basis of Change Management because change is always happening, and we have to know how to deal with it, and also help employees to deal with it.

What activities and commitments are you making in the next 6-12 months to continue the development of your networks?

I’m registered to the Community Management Network. They discuss about different topics managers are confronted with. Sometimes, I read the information, but I never make comments. I will take the time to read all the discussions, and post comments.

I have been looking for experts in Marketing through our internal network GCConnex. I made a list of 12 people. In the next few months, I’m going to contact them to discuss about how they do marketing in the government; what works and what doesn’t work. I want to attend courses to improve different aspects of Marketing and connect with participants. When I feel more comfortable, I’m going to suggest readings, post reviews of books to built  a network of followers on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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