Distractions from day to day grind (COM0011 assignment)

My social media experience is limited on a personal level. While I was working, I engaged within the company’s social media with our customers on a pretty regular basis. And when I chose to phase out of a 35-40 hour work week, I worked a short contract for the same company doing media monitoring. Ultimately in pursuit of the elusive work versus life balance I decided to become a stay at home mom.


That being said, currently my social media usage is strictly personal. I check in on Facebook (with very few updates/picture uploads) and I randomly scan my Twitter feed for the few I do follow. I really started to view social media as a way to check out of the pickle I was in at that moment, distract myself and then go back into said pickle with a clearer head space.


As I mentioned I am a mom, I have two girls aged three and six. I am home with my three-year-old until she starts her school adventure next September as a JK student. The pickle I described above would be my dear daughter’s epic tantrums. Who knew you could ruin someone’s day with a simple request? Something like: “please pick up your shoes” or “stop jumping on the couch, you’ll hurt yourself.” I certainly never thought this would be the phrases that would set this little creature off. Looking at this blonde, big blue eyed, miles long lashed girl you would never think that she has the shortest temper out there especially with me. So while she is having a throw down that sometimes last up to 45 minutes, I have an opportunity to distract myself with pearls of parenting wisdom on Facebook.


During one of many moments when I needed to check myself, I discovered a humorous and often emotional blog called Scary Mommy. It is an American based parenting forum with many bloggers who often write thought provoking, funny and sometimes controversial material. I may not always agree with the view points published but the articles are written in a way that you can see the other person’s point of view. The blog that I am referencing in particular is “The Curse of the Second-Born Child.”


The blog while it highlights the characteristics of the second born child that are downright frustrating and the reason for birth control; it also summarizes that a big personality always equals to a big heart. After all, a meme perfectly captured what is like to raise a headstrong child: “strong-willed children become adults who change the world as long as we can hang on for the ride and resist the temptation to ‘tame’ the spirit out of them.”


So have I scared you off of having children yet?


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