COM0011 – Our Clients Want More!

In an effort to offer our clients different options and to generate more advertising revenue, I am determined to explore new ideas throughout the next several weeks; since I have already realized that there are soooo many more options out there. After reading this week’s lesson notes, I found myself going off in many different directions checking out some of the ideas I had read about. Facebook really isn’t the be-all but it would be a starting place and it does help because I know how to use it. The one idea that stood out to me immediately was video!

Print advertising alone doesn’t cut it and our clients want more! Our student newspaper  has been around for 52 years and has always offered print advertising as a way to generate revenue. Over the last few years it has become obvious that our print revenue is slowly diminishing. According to an article written by Alastair Sharp on Reuters Canada  the Canadian newspaper industry reported an almost 25% decline in national advertising and didn’t gain it back through online advertising.  A few years ago we opened up our website to our clients for online advertising and to date I can still count on one hand how many online advertisements we actually received.

According to Kendall Walters (Hootsuite Blog Coordinator) the trend to watch in 2016 is video. We all remember the viral video “Gangnam Style” (2.6 billion views). Wouldn’t we all love to have our social media viewed that many times. But being a little more realistic and as a start, we can try video on our Facebook page.

A transformation is happening with visual content on Facebook according to an article – notably with video. In the last couple of years there has been at least 1 billion video views per day. 50% of the people who come back to Facebook see at least one video per day and 76% of the people who discover videos say they see them on Facebook. With these statistics it would be worth creating a 15-30 second video which would explain to our clients the benefits of advertising with us on our Facebook page.  We will pin it so it stays at the top of our news feed while we introduce it to our clients. Clients would then be able to create a 15-30 second video that showcases their own products and services. This would then be offered as part of an advertising package; this advertising package could consist of print advertising as well as the online video. This will ensure that our revenue is generated by both of our media services. Further investigation into this concept would include how long should the video be, what type of content would do well (serious, comedy, etc.), auto-play videos, and who would actually want to watch it. Who knows maybe one of our videos could one day go viral!


One thought on “COM0011 – Our Clients Want More!

  1. Hi Gaye. You’re bang on when you say video is taking over business marketing. I recently read that almost 60% of senior business executives would rather watch a video than read text-based content and almost 75% of them say they watch videos on business websites at least once a week. Of those, 45% of them go on to contact the vendor. Pretty impressive stats. Being in the business of producing video I can definitely tell you that shorter is always better. Figure out the “one thing” you want the viewer to retain from the video and focus on that.

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