COM0015/Post2 Strong & Weak Organizations

I believe Canadian Tire has an impressive social media presence. The red triangle and green maple leaf – so iconic in Canada – is well placed.  The “look” on both Twitter and Facebook are the same – faded red images of Canadiana.

Canadian Tire faded maple leaf.JPG

One of the things I look for in a strong social media presence is up-to-date postings. If I follow someone on Twitter and it’s been about four days since they tweeted, I feel like they’re not “listening”.  On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Canadian Tire is quite active:twitter-cdn-tire-stats



Notice in the Instagram image above, that it links the follower right back to the company’s website – which is where you can do your shopping and check what is in stock in your own hometown.

I’m not sure that Memorial University is doing a great job with its social media. It has been three days since they posted anything on their Facebook page.  Three days in September?? Wow, isn’t this the busiest time of year with lots of great orientation events to photograph?  I have messaged the university via Facebook and have not received a response.  This is the week you send new students to your Facebook page but that activity doesn’t seem to be happening:


To contact Memorial, I feel I have to go the old-fashioned route of email.  Their population is quite young, I would think email may be disappointing to them.

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