COM0015 – Blog #1: Tools & Sources

My number one best source of social media trend listening is Social Media Examiner.


Every week, on Friday mornings, they have a live Morning Social Media Marketing Talk at 10 AM. They also have two podcasts that are updated on a weekly basis. One is The SocialMedia Examiner Show (short 10-ish minutes updates about what is changing in social media). The other is SocialMedia Marketing with Michael Stelzner (long 50-ish minutes interview with a social media specialist about a certain current subject). I joined their Social Media Examiner Society which provides live training videos multiple times a month and a community of social media marketers to connect and network with. I find that they are very good at explaining changes and updates to beginner marketers. I also find their podcasts easy to listen to. The lengths of podcasts and training make it easy to fit into my schedule every week and allow me to feel up to date on what is going on in the social media world without spending hours searching the web for relevant information.


A tool I like to use is It not only helps organize my posting schedule on multiple social media networks, it offers many webinars for free. For example, this week I got an e-mail with this title: “Next week: 5 days, 5 free webinars, 5 social media skills.” It was a simple, to the point, powerful title. Next thing you know, I was registered for four of them. They are 30 minutes each, which also makes it easy to fit into my schedule while teaching me new tools to do my job better.


I use to keep me updated on everything that is going on in the agricultural and horticultural world. How I use it is simple: I create google alerts for all the keywords related to my industry and  I choose to receive them via RSS feed. All of those feeds are sorted by category on Feedly and I check in on a weekly basis to see what is relevant or not to share on my professional social media networks.

My favourite source for the agriculture and horticulture industry is . They share interesting articles about a variety of fields related to farming. I learn so much from them and am always happy to share their blog posts on my social media networks. Do you have favourite sources to stay up to date on social media marketing?

Do you have favourite sources to stay up to date on social media marketing? What helps you find good information to share on your blog and other platforms?


One thought on “COM0015 – Blog #1: Tools & Sources

  1. Gaby as a real newcomer to social media, there are some great suggestions in your blog. Taking notes and investigating on a few of the sites and tools you mentioned. Thanks

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