COM0014 – Blog #1:What I Did On My Vacation

The excitement of upcoming summer vacations was started from early Spring,  I was meeting my parents after two long years in New Delhi with my two boys. I booked the tickets for June 10th, gave the thrilling news to my parents. My father marked the date with highlighter on the page of the calendar hanging on his wall and my mother was spreading the details to my neighbors, cousins and friends.

In the meantime, my boys are grown to three and five and now they could talk, play and see their grandparents in actual not through the virtual images.  

Finally, the big day had come, the plane landed at the airport. We came out from exit gate, hugged my parents and sister with the tears of joy. Boys were sitting next to grandparents and I sat on the front seat along with my sister who was driving back home. We were sharing the joke of RJ on FM that I had a crush on RJ during the university days. I bought the VIP ticket of the concert where he would be comparing the show. He didn’t turn up and some other female had come.

In two years, the city has become more populated, new roads and flyovers were built and new high rise buildings is telling the story of changing India but  Delhi is an eternal city, like Rome. It is not only the capital of modern India, it has been the capital of many civilizations, and each left behind a trail of monuments.

A few days later there was an invitation from the neighborhood for a backyard party with neighbors which we used to meet every day. This party gave us time to share our stories, meeting aunties, uncles and relax with the dear ones. We made promises to keep in touch with social media and again be together.

Personally, I thought to take my sons with grandparents to old monuments and heritage sites of Delhi. First we went to Qutub Minar – which is the tallest brick minaret and an example of Indo- Islamic architecture. My sons were really amazed to see such a tall structure and had fun running around in the green park. Next destination was another iconic landmark, Humayun’s Tomb, emperor’s Tomb which is said to be the inspiration behind the Taj Mahal. I know they are too young to know the history, but the impression of huge old buildings are still with them.


During my visit I was lucky to attend my cousin’s wedding in another province. My sister and parents joined us in the long train journey. This was the first  train experience for my sons. They were running from one end to another of the compartment, sharing stories with co- passengers and enjoying moving scenes of fields, towns and animals.

The groom’s procession to the wedding place involves sitting on a white horse while we were following, wearing stunning Indian outfits and dancing on the beat of the Indian drum. It was a wonderful memory of ceremonies, typically involve a lot of dancing, exchanging gifts, photo shoots, religious rituals and feasting.


And finally, the day had come to back with memories of family and friends to live a life of warmth and love.



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