COM0014 – Blog #1: Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer (Vacation)

So, how was your summer?

I don’t know about you but I can’t help but feel I am noticeably short on details when I’ve been asked that question. It’s not like we travelled to some exotic locale or went spelunking or any other suitably interesting dinner conversation-type fodder. But high humidity aside, I loved every little bit of my extended summer vacation.

Time at the cottage – simplicity rules.

So strange, really. Fall has always been my season. And this summer in particular – with its hot, humid, wildly temperamental weather – was enough to make even the season’s biggest fans a little nuts. But even though my summer wasn’t full of soda and pretzels and beer as waxed lyrically by Nat King Cole, his song is nonetheless my choice for this summer’s anthem, simply because, this year, “[I] wish that summer could always be here”.

I suppose a newborn – my son Shawn was born in March – helps to focus attention on the here and now. Feeling like time with the first child went WAY too fast, I made an effort to linger longer on the smiles and snuggles while I could. My husband was able to take off a little time and we kept our seven year old daughter’s summer only loosely programmed. It all combined in an easy, take it day by day kind of existence filled with day trips to the beach, the skate parks, and with visits with family and friends in just the right amounts.

Fearless child, nervous mom!

There were some highlights. Watching my little girl find her courage to take her place at the skate park and scramble atop a ramp among the mostly teenage boys was AWESOME. Taking the kids to the cottage to see their great grandma, and watching her become 20 years younger as she plays with them. And Granby Zoo! A favourite destination now in regular rotation.

So, what’s your summer’s anthem? Did you have a great summer, or at least, a summer with some great parts to it? Share your stories! Meantime, as fall draws near (yay!), I pay homage to summer 2016. Thank you, this time was a real gift.


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