COM0015 – Blog 2: Strong and Weak Organizations

Two organizations that would fit into the category of having a good social media strategy are Tangerine Bank and WestJet Canada.

Tangerine Bank does an excellent job of making sure that they are communicating with their customers and making sure that they are keeping their customers updated of any upcoming promotions or updates that may affect them.

They make sure that they are conversing with their customers in real time and understand the importance that if they don’t respond quickly and effectively to customers, they do some damage to their brand.



WestJet is also very good about answering their customers in real time, something that is very important considering a lot of their customers are asking for clarification or advice that they need straight away about a flight.

WestJet also realizes the number of customers and followers they have on social media and that their marketing strategy needs to include a heavy social media presence. WestJet is very active on social media with their market promotions as well as highlighting vacation spots to help entice their followers.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 4.15.26 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-11 at 4.17.17 PM.png


WestJet understands just how important social media is to their customers and how things happen in real time and they were actually the first airline in Canada to implement 24/7 customer service on social media.

Both organizations have obviously put a lot of work and effort in to a social media strategy. They realize that most of their customers are using social media and that in order to connect to their audience in a way that they wanted to be connected with, they need to be using the same tools.

By the fact that both organizations have daily social media posts lined up about their organizations and services, and also connect with their customers in a timely fashion shows that they have a good handle on social media strategy.

There are many examples of social media strategies going wrong for organizations. Organizations and companies are getting a lot better about using social media but every once in a while there is obviously no strategy behind a social media campaign.

I think a lot of time organizations can make mistakes when they open themselves up to Twitter and Facebook chats. While these are great for transparency they may not always come out in the favour of the company, who did not strategize long and hard about all possible outcomes.

An example of this is in 2015 when SeaWorld ran a Twitter chat using the hashtag #AskSeaWorld in an attempt to improve their image around a number of controversial issuing involving their marine life at the park.


Instead of getting a good conversation about the good initiatives SeaWorld has implemented, people took the opportunity to chastise SeaWorld for their cruelty and a new hashtag quickly formed #Emptythetanks.


SeaWorld had not thought long a hard about the implications of the chat they were doing and how it could affect them. From the looks of the tweets they also didn’t have a back-up plan in case anything went wrong. Instead of a successful strategy they were receiving even more bad press then they did before.


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