COM0015-Blog 2 Strong and Weak Organizations

In looking for case studies of companies with strong and weak social media strategies, I focused on the health, wellness and food industries. Instead of searching the internet far and wide, I chose to highlight organizations that I already follow and that I am already impressed with (for the strong category).

The first company whose social media strategy I am impressed with is a local (Northumberland County) health and wellness company, Custom Fit Vitality. Custom Fit initially began about 10 years ago and today offers on-site fitness classes including cross train, yoga, pilates and TRX classes in a historic century old barn. In recent years Custom Fit has transitioned to include nutritional coaching as well. This was initially done in person, in groups, then via weekly phone calls and now is based entirely on-line. This has opened up a potentially world-wide market. Naturally the goal of their social media effort is to engage as many potential clients as possible. In my opinion Custom Fit has done an excellent job with social media marketing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs to open up channels to increase its client base.

An example of this impressive social media strategy was the campaign to promote Custom Fit’s on-line nutritional coaching. Coach Cait Lynch offered three free vlogs outlining some of the basics of the nutritional program. They were promoted and shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The vlogs were informative without giving it all away for free, and enticing enough to make participants want to dig deeper and to learn more. At the end they could register for the full course if they chose to.

The second company that I would like to highlight with an impressive social media strategy is is a Canadian company delivering natural and green wellness products on-line to their customers. They offer a wide range of products which are trialed and tested by people just like their target audience. Items are available on-line, and shipped in a timely manner right to their customers’ doors. uses social media to talk to their audience. logo-grThey use Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin, Instagram and email newsletters to promote their products, specials and promotions. They also feature a blog on their website with all sorts of interesting tidbits of information. It covers everything from reviews of great products, to recipes, to health tips, and news of trending products. These social media interactions are effectively targeted towards moms and dads who make the majority of the purchases for their household.

On the opposite side of the spectrum a company that would benefit from a social media strategy is an award winning local cheese maker, Empire Cheese. Located in Campbellford, Ontario, the Empire Cheese Factory has an amazing story to tell. They have been around for 135 years! It is owned by local dairy farmers who vote each year to elect a board of directors to run the factory. They manufacture cheese the old fashioned way, in huge open vats. There are no additives, preservatives or added flavours. In my opinion they have a unique story to tell and social media could certainly help. They currently have a limited Facebook presence, but their story should be shared via blogs, more meaningful Facebook posts, Instagram, and Twitter.



One thought on “COM0015-Blog 2 Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. Being new at this I am looking forward to seeing some good sources of specialized social media. Too bad about Empire Cheese, they make some of the best old cheddar on the market. thanks for the site recommendations

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