Renovation Inspiration Through Home Improvement Blogs

I recently bought a house and I am feeling a bit like I have an identity crisis. This is not the first house that I’ve owned, but the first house where I’ve been required to do a lot of work. In the past, I’ve considered myself a turn-key kind of person. Not because I wanted to be, but because I have no idea what I’m doing and the last thing I want to do is attempt to install a shower and make a disaster! Also, I’m terrified of using an electric saw! If you’ve ever seen the movie “A Christmas Story,” I liken my fear of saws to “you’ll shoot your eye out!!” almost as though it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m a little overwhelmed at the work that needs to be done. Kitchen – yes, bathroom – yes, fix cracks in the floor – yes, new landscaping – yes, new walkway – yes, and the list goes on. Not to mention that in order to turn the lights on in the living room, I have to have the kitchen lights on as well! Thankfully the house is not unliveable!


Painting in progress at my house vs. completed paint job.

I made the right decision, I made the right decision… That’s what I told myself when I bought this cute, 1,100 sq ft 55-year old bungalow.


Removing yucky old carpet runner, one painstaking staple and nail at a time. 

I take comfort in the fact that some of the blogs that I have read are geared toward people like me. I have ridiculously high standards when it comes to certain appliances (ahem, Fridgidaire Professional range), but willing to learn as I go with DIY renovations, while making a few mistakes along the way. I found a great resource for me in The Ugly Ducking House website. It has a plethora of ideas and tips to renovate a house, and make it look pretty.


Pretty new range!

I am a learn-by-doing kinda person, and when cooking, generally use recipes as guidelines. I have discovered, like baking, that’s not the best way to renovate a house. Is it measure once, cut twice? Or is it the other way around? In any case, I have learned that I need to do my research before starting a project. Heck, even painting takes some preparation. And drop cloths. And reeeeaaaallly old clothes. And patience.

I am discovering that there are some pretty talented people out there. Not only in the renovations, but some of these bloggers come up with some pretty darned creative projects. I recently came across one called The owner of the blog, Brittany, has the ability to not only build and rebuild cool stuff, but have the vision to see it through.

Looking at these blogs makes me feel excited to create something really great in my little house. I won’t be able to do it all myself, but I do know that I can get some inspiration and I can be proud of the fact that my house will perfectly turn-key for the next owners.

2 thoughts on “Renovation Inspiration Through Home Improvement Blogs

  1. You painted the picture so well…the list is endless when it comes to renovations. I can appreciate that you saw some potential in this old bungalow, imagining the possibilities and all. Good for you for persistently going about the updates. Isn’t’t wonderful that the internet provides so much information like the blog that you refer to to. Good luck with your rents and enjoy the bungalow when it’s done! I’m sure you’ll love the end results and feel great accomplishment!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’m definitely in the youtube type fixer upper group at this point and more often than not, feel justified hiring somebody to do the fixes rather than attempting them myself, usually citing time restrictions or worrying about the bill down the road if I don’t do things properly, but the more and more I see people having success with the tools available online, well, the itch to tackle these sorts of projects is starting to grow. Very inspiring!

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