Serving up Feminism. My Top 6 Blogs, Sites and Podcasts for the Feminist in You.

I am a blog and podcast hound. I read a ton of blogs and listen to a plethora of podcasts that share real stories told by extraordinary and ordinary people –to- investigative journalism– to- digging in more about my favourite TV shows.

I also have a bunch of feminist blogs and podcasts that I can’t get enough of listening to or reading in my spare time. I’ve dwindled my loooooong list of favourites into a short and comprehensive list for whatever kind of feminism you’re into or may be interested in learning more of- there’s something for everyone.


bitch mediaThe Bitch blog is an extension of the print magazine “Bitch Magazine” (which I support monetarily through a subscription via snail mail!) this blog features all sorts of critique. I’d say Bitch is the most cultured blog of my feminist repertoire. It’s a great source that offers well written perspectives about anything and everything pop-culture. I also love their interviews with top feminist pop culture makers. Last, Bitch Media loves one of my favourite feminists, bell hooks.

Accordingly, the Bitchmedia podcast, Popoganda is another podcast forum to reach this influential feminist lit icon. Perfect for my gym jaunt, in fact!

Feministing_logoFeministing’s unique motto is one of the I admire the most about the blog and its feminists that write poignant critical pieces. Feministing wraps social media, feminism and the youth voice all into one unique blend of amazingness! The community offers analysis of everything society – culture, politics, food – you name it. The blog allows young women with great ideas, thoughts and perspectives to organize, and share fresh perspectives. The diverse collective is a great conduit for youth voices to be heard and hopefully leads to more girls and women to become engaging influencers within our communities!


What I really like about Jezebel is their Facebook feeds. I find that this particular feminist social community offers short and sweet updates when I want a little nibble of ‘what’s up’ especially since I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. Jezebel flips any issue on its head – making the so-serious a little lighter and the not- so- serious a bit more meaningful.


This blog and podcast is equally as interesting as Popoganda. However, I chose Feminist Current in particular because the ladies who serve up the amazing content are Canadian! They serve up super relevant newsworthy material. What I especially enjoy about the podcast is that hosts somehow manage to sneak in a feminist perspective whereby I rediscover a subject matter. I find that at times feminist perspectives are lost in the abyss in favour of ‘newer’ feminism. For instance, a recent podcast with Max Dashu who spoke on the ‘suppressed truth behind witch hunts”. She reminded me how the hunt is still a game that society plays today and why women today should take note.


I just love the comedians who host this fun podcast, Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances. These two feminists always seem to speak the unspeakable – you know, that stuff many of us feel guilty or embarrassed to admit, especially if it relates to how we feel or think about ourselves. It’s a lighter stance on serious issues which is why I do not feel guilty at all for listening!

racist sandwich


A couple of weeks ago, Stitcher radio made the recommendation that I should listen to Racist Sandwich. I have not listened to an episode…. yet – but I’m super excited to share this podcast in advance of a thorough critique. I am fascinated with respect to the link between cultural appropriation and food. And Racist Sandwich sounds like they can serve up a great feminist meal! Just think about Aunt Jemima, Chiquita Bananas or the PC brand MEMORIES OF Marrakech Whole Wheat Couscous. I know, it’s hard to put the connection together, but you can and a lot of feminists, sociologists and culturalists have. I think my first foray into this podcast will be Episode 4: Sneakers & Coffee.

So there you have it! Feminism can seem like an abyss of opinions, facts and never-ending- ‘isms’. It can be a daunting task for anyone who wants to know and learn more about feminism to figure out where one should begin. I hope my list offers a simple way that I can help you find feminist material that is fun, challenging and unique, or maybe help you to brush up on your feminism!


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