COM0015 Blog #4 Out of the Box

Throughout this course, and this Social Media Marketing program I have come to appreciate the amazing connections created from Social Media Marketing. The ideas, networking, re-connections to friends that have moved across the world! I can watch my family members birthday celebration on YouTube, and accept an invitation to an event at City Hall next week on Facebook all within a single swipe and tap on my iPhone. As I have become familiar with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter there are a few unexpected applications and actions that I have experienced. It’s amazing that no matter what Social Media platform you are on you can be instantly pulled in another direction. While reading Money Sense posts you can be enticed to purchase blankets that turn into Mermaid Tails, Mermaid Tail Blanketalong with Ad-words Optimization Strategies, along with a car insurance quote, and now there are new dress arrivals from Zulily! All just from visiting and scrolling through a Facebook Home Feed.

What is unexpected is the attention span or lack there of. When I am working on a project, or a deadline for work, or a Social Media Post, or a Marketing article for work, the on-line world is constantly tugging and grabbing my attention to another article, advertisement, or on-line store. Recently I read an article that Goldfish have a greater attention span than us human folk. states in his article, a spring 2015 study from Microsoft, reports the average human attention span has fallen below that of goldfish.


Courtesy of Microsoft

So what is all this telling me? As a part of a Social Media Strategy we really have to pay attention to creating, engaging, attractive, thought provoking, memorable content. This Social Media content needs to be created often, repeated often, and interacted with on a regular basis. Just as I am typing Tony Robins showed up on my iPhone, he reveals how to create a positive change in yourself or another person withing a single…hmm to click or not to click. No I will stay focused on my task at hand, Blog #4!

So all these unexpected, multiple distractions showing up within the Social Media feeds, and sidebar ads, has taught me to ensure that the content used within Social Media Marketing must be meaningful, attractive and interesting enough to keep your audience reading your post and not buying blankets that turn into Mermaid Tails.

3 thoughts on “COM0015 Blog #4 Out of the Box

  1. Wow! I’m glad it’s not just me that gets distracted with ads and interesting content (when I’m supposed to be developing content for this course!). I find one of the most challenging things when developing content for professional purposes vs. personal purposes is that I tend to put so much pressure on the professional posts when really the strategy isn’t all that different. Yes, the tone and professionalism needs to be there but the authenticity is what tends to work. If it educates and entertains it often engages people….just like posts about mermaid tail blankets! Great post!

  2. Wow … getting distracted is not age specific … so you are saving my attention span is that of a Gold Fish … hmm, I do like mermaid tail blankets thought, the old man has digressed.

    Getting pulled in multiple directions when on Social Media is a Social Media phenomena, or perhaps it is the nature of the beast. Lets look at the broader perspective, being online naturally pulls in multiple directions. Our minds race with multiple thoughts.

    Read 50,000 thoughts …

    If anything I have learned from this course is one has to stay focused. I should talk because if find it difficult, however, what helps me is to work on a number of projects at the same time. While working on one project I am thinking about an issue with another project, this helps me resolve the “problem to solution” process.

    Great post, spoke volumes to me.

    … and the mermaid tail blankets should be great this coming winter.

  3. Your post really interests me as we’re going through a discussion with this where I work. We offer an online magazine with tips, tricks, topics, etc that are targeted at our student demographic as well as themed based on the time of the semester that each issue is released at. What we’re finding is that if an article takes more than 2-5 minutes to read, it absolutely fails. So in a similar vein, we’re finding that we have to present the information in such a way that they can absorb it in a quick pick up fashion and while it may not contain all the information that we originally wanted to include, putting less in still meant getting more across as the articles are more likely to be read. Based on feedback we’ve received from readers, a lot of the same principles (re: distractions) factor in heavily and we mostly have to hope that they click on our link during a bus ride or something like that rather than while they’re walking between classes. Definitely something that is factoring into our strategies going forward quite heavily.

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