COM0015 – Assignment 1 – Blog 3 – Professional Networking –> Now & in the Future

Links I’ve mentioned is:

20 social networking sites for business professionals (by Alyssa Gregory)


Platforms she’s  listed include: Biznik, cmypitch, cofoundr, ecademy, E.Factor, Entrepreneur Connect, Fastpitch, Focus, JASEzone, LinkedIn, PartnerUp, PerfectBusiness, Plaxo, Ryze, StartupNation, Upspring, and Xing.

I’ll have to check them all out and see if the shoe fits.

Goals for me re: Professional Networking include getting serious about this ‘Social Media Meets Business’ thing.  I need to do my research and find out who I need to connect with in the region and online.

Relying primarily on Iinkedin, I have made the initial connections but I also need to put my money where my mouth is and work at reconnecting with everyone who has offered their own ‘olive branch.’

I’m trying to establish a comfortable, engaging professional rapport with the Ottawa arts community and I figure that playing on my home turf will give me the opportunity to develop my professional networking skills.  I probably will orchestrate a networking plan that will use online social media in tandem with live contact.  I need to be super-organized about my networking operation: keeping tabs on who I contact and when and what I’m sharing (similar to what we do when we’re measuring and monitoring with analytics.)

I need to plan for my project launch, securing a reputation in the local and online music/entertainment community for being a miver and shaker.

By September, I hope to coordinate a meeting of minds that will collectively work on developing a female led artist development initiative. Let’s see how it goes.






One thought on “COM0015 – Assignment 1 – Blog 3 – Professional Networking –> Now & in the Future

  1. Your points are so very true, creating and maintaining professional relationships on-line, are very hard for me to prefer right now. I am still more comfortable meeting someone in person for the first time, and then adding them to my professional network after I get to know who they are. I am learning, and starting to branch out. I have a few scheduled attempts, wish me luck!

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