COM0015/Post 1 – Tools & Sources

My favourite social media listening/monitoring tool is by far Facebook Insights. It is extremely user-friendly.  After setting up my first ever Facebook page to promote female baseball in my hometown, the Insights tab was immediately available to me and I was amazed at the story it could tell.

You don’t have to be an analyst or statistician to interpret the data from the graph below. On July 30 the number of likes peaked at 30. On this date we held open registration for our younger players who are also our newest players.  Parents are told the best way to keep current on our baseball program is to like our Facebook page.

FB Likes

Corner Brook Minor Baseball Association

Our baseball association also uses Twitter. As the person responsible for the Association’s communications, including social media, I like Tweet Deck.

Tweet Deck


What I love about Tweet Deck is its horizontal layout. I often use Twitter on my smart phone but I love the layout of Tweet Deck on my desktop.  No clicking the little icons to reveal what’s happening because the horizontal layout gives me the whole picture.

I have had my own Twitter account for several years and  have also been tweeting on behalf of our baseball association for about 18 months; however, I am still learning how to analyze the data.  I am a frequent visitor to Twitter’s support, click here to see for yourself, visit  Twitter Support.

Being able to easily analyze these two tools has helped me tremendously in my promotion of the sport of baseball. By building a following for our baseball association, I have helped contribute to the growth in our game – an 80% increase in player enrollment over 2014.

This is a skill that I can use in my professional career as an instructor. If I can help grow the number of baseball players, in particular FEMALE baseball players, then I can help increase the number of students enrolled in the programs that I teach at my college.

One of the best sources of news and updates that I like is Google Alerts. I like that I can set up as many alerts as I want on several different topics. I also love that it is delivered to my inbox. I can keep track of various forms of media such as videos, web postings, Tweets, etc.

Using Google Alerts I can easily keep track of what competitors are doing, such as our local soccer association, and even keep track of where I (or our baseball association) am in the social media sphere.  I can find conversations about both me (baseball association) and my competitors.

There are so many tools available that it is overwhelming. I like to find a few that work for me and stick to them.


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