COM0015 – Blog #1: Tools and Source

It can be difficult to narrow down what tools and sources are best to use on social media. Everyone will have a preference, and these preferences will depend on personal and business needs.

For personal use, Twitter and Facebook are my two favourite social media trend tools. I find that there is a lot of information on these two sites that help update me on what is going on in the world. I prefer these two tools over others because I think they give me a complete picture of what my networks are talking about, as well as a good picture of what the overall trends are in the world.

Facebook is especially good at providing an overall picture of trends, which can help give me an idea of what I should keep on top of and paying attention to in relation to my professional development, and what is just for fun or personal interest.

I find Twitter easiest for following trends, as the topics that are trending the most can easily be found on Twitter and a lot of times breaking news occurs on Twitter. Twitter is also good because it gives you a quick snapshot of the news or trends for easy access but also allows you to get more information by clicking through the link to the site where more detailed information can be found. This is especially useful in my professional career because it can give me news quickly and briefly but allows me to research topics further if I need to.

For business use, I would replace Facebook with LinkedIn, as I believe it gives a better picture of what are the important trends for my organization. Discussions around business practices and important trends often occur on LinkedIn, which helps my organization monitor what they should be focusing on or what others in the industry are discussing.

My best sources for news at my workplace are Google Alerts and Twitter. Not only do I use Twitter for listening to trends, but I also use it as a source for news because as mentioned above it allows me to quickly review all news and delve into topics deeper if I need more information. Twitter is often where I get breaking news on a subject, which I then relay to colleagues.

Google Alerts is great at providing me with real time alerts for news on topics that more organization is following, or news on my organization. It provides me with the news I need, without me having to go through each news source constantly. It aids greatly in my daily media monitoring and allows me to spend time on other functions of my job.


Source: Rosette for Social Media Monitoring

At my organization, we also use paid monitoring which is very useful and also gives me updates in real time for a lot of different news sources that appear in the paper, through broadcast and online. If you are able to afford these tools, they are great in streamlining how you get news and when you get it.

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