COM0015 – Assignment 1 – Blog 2 – Social Media Hootspa (A Case Study Comparison)

Looking at examples of the business approach to social media, I shouldn’t be surprised by my own example and I can learn from it.  In my attempts to keep a consistent style for my blogs and e-publishing endeavours, I forgot to look at the most important part of my equation: my audience.  Hopefully, this reboot will directly address this matter and give you folks something bigger and better and altogether more useful than just a pretty picture.

From all three examples, I think that I’ve learned how social media can turn online conversations into engaging, entertaining conversations with a broader community than we ever thought possible.

If you don’t want to type that link to my first BLOG re: Ellen Degeneres, you can click it right here: 

Images used in my composite include:

  1. A brain with legs and muscle from
  2. A rope being torn to represent ‘WEAK’ from

Social Media Case Studies are all about learning.  We study them. They give us ideas. We come up with our own space-ship sized bits of social media brilliance.  Keep ’em coming, boys and girls!



2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Assignment 1 – Blog 2 – Social Media Hootspa (A Case Study Comparison)

  1. I have to disagree with your suggestion to integrate Instagram with Twitter. It doesn’t work well and it’s very scrappy. When overdone, links like “” or “” get annoying. People might as well just visit the FB or IG pages. It also integrates poorly with Twitter: although some third-party apps load IG pictures in the app, official Twitter and TweetDeck apps do not, so the link to visit IG must be clicked. is even worse, as I know of no apps that render content.

    Twitter and Instagram serve different purposes. Twitter supports multimedia, but its core feature is text tweets at 140 characters or less. IG is more for multimedia with big blob descriptions.

    While I’m not big on DeGeneres or Trudeau, I agree with you: they use social media effectively.

    Aside from the Instagram integration suggestion, though, I think your graphic is very well designed and shares your message very effectively. Keep up the good work! ^_^

    • thanks for your feedback labcrab 🙂 perhaps i was a bit hasty with the instagram and twitter connection… I am just trying to cover all my bases and create a trail that leads back to the source. I’ve posted photos on Twitter vs. posting via instagram and I’m finding they have different flavours. I guess it depends on the goals we set and what we share and how we share it. Monitoring how it’s received is key… maybe I should invite feedback? Opinions? Is that a turn off? What do you think?

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