Assignment 1 – Post 1 – Tools and sources – COM0015

Iliana Auverana (Assignment 1 – Post 1)

Post 1 – Tool & Sources What are your two favorite social media trend listening/monitoring tools and the two best sources of news and updates of interest to you?

Explain why you prefer those tools over others and the significance of the sources as they relate to your professional development or organizational interests.

The two favorites social media trend listening/monitoring tool are Twitter and LinkedIn

Twitter – I work in the translation marketing field. At work, we do the environmental scan to find out interesting facts or trends in the translation market around the world: new technologies, transnational mergers, world economy having an impact in the translation market, evolution in the importance of foreign languages, etc. The richness of the information is amazing. Through Twitter, we follow mainly two companies: Lionbridge and Moravia. These two companies publish articles or posts regularly. We receive email and click on the links to read the full article.

On Moravia blogs, we recently learned about long-tail languages (from emerging markets) and about the growth of voice-based content (video content).

On Lionbridge blogs, we get advice about many topics. From crowdsourcing translation (get translations from the crowd), to global content (engaging the global consumer with interesting content) to hiring remote workers (what to consider).

LinkedIn – Through this platform, we have been able to connect with professional in the translation and marketing industry. Professional and experts in a particular field share interesting articles or white papers. We have joined three different groups we have common interests with (communications, marketing and translation). We have the possibility of exchanging knowledge and increasing our awareness about the market needs.

Google trends – In the tranlation field, this platform only shows graphs that are of no use to us. This tool is excellent for political news, celebrity gossip or entertainment news.

Feedly – Many people use this platform to get news updates in their field. For us, this platform hasn’t been useful. We joined several months ago, and we never got any email or alert in our subject matter. According to the website, feedly helps people to get the content they need to accelerate their research, marketing and sales, but we checked all the preferences and we are unsure about the reasons why we never got any information at all.



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