Tools & Sources COM0015

My two favorite Social Media listening tools currently would have to be Facebook and Twitter.  The two best sources that I use most often for news and updates of interest, would be Flipboard and Google Alerts.

My Facebook community contains a large group of friends and family combined with many long term customers that interact and share positive stories. Facebook can keep me current with regards to graduations, major life moments, vacations etc. that help with common ground and conversation starters to have the next time to I see my customers or family members. Facebook helps connect us in-between our extremely busy schedules, and large gaps of time that we go through without seeing many friends, family, and customers. Facebook keeps me informed and social; even when I am at a physical distance from many of these people, I CAN connect, relate, share and learn.FacebookTwitter

Twitter is my quick scan source of industry information that I can briefly look and see if a headline grabs my attention! Does “It Pays to Know” have any new articles my customers may like? Or perhaps I can look at quick link to “Mind Your Brain” for a positive quote on “mindfulness”. Or “My Money Coach” links to an awesome article on becoming debt free and living simply. As quick as the chickadee flies by I can glide through the Tweets when I don’t have much time – hence my love of Twitter!

Google Alerts come to my Gmail Account every morning!  I do have to mention I use Feedly as well, as it’s in my Google Account too.  Feedly is pretty awesome, however, my Google Alert Articles are keyword specific which help narrow down the articles and Google Alerts doesn’t keep asking me to pay for the service as Feedly does,  hence I prefer Google Alerts. These articles, Google Alerts generates for me, help me know what is current in my industry and assist me in everyday conversation about mortgage industry news my colleagues and customers are reading & talking about.


I will use Flipboard on a Friday Morning, when work is not as overwhelming, I absolutely love the abundant amount of News Sources and Choice Flip Board gives one access too! I use Flipboard when I want to find articles on Travel, Art, Science, Sports, Architecture or Design. I can source out very “cool” articles that are great conversation starters and create positive connections to other aspects of your life. In addition to News Articles, Flipboard will source Blogs as well. This is how I found two really awesome Blogs; “Young and Thrifty”, and “My Alternative Life”. Both awesome Blogs about managing debts, mortgages, and managing your money. Flipboard and Google Alerts are both solid sources to gather your industry news and articles of personal interest!

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