COM0014 – Personal Reflection

In the world of social media, marketers now have the ability to reach a great number of people through effective storytelling. By properly identifying and targeting a desired audience their attention can be earned. This storytelling can help to build a brand.
A brand with a compelling story has a strong persuasive tool with which to personalize their product or service. Effective storytelling will set companies and organizations apart from their competitors. It is essentially the story behind the brand, product or service that sells.
Effective brand stories must be unique, noticeable and inspiring. So inspiring that the reader is motivated to act – that could be through liking, sharing, and eventually buying the product or service represented by the brand.
The storytelling must also be appropriately targeted. By doing some analysis as to who the target audience is, a storyteller can fine-tune the message in the story to something relate-able for that audience.
Great storytelling is an admirable skill. Some people come by this naturally, while others have to work harder at it. By being clear on who your story is directed at, and clear on what the message is you want to relay, through practice, we can all become great storytellers.

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