COM0015- Assignment 5- Event Participation

20160704_211025_resizedJust prior to starting this course I took a class for a Diploma in Social Media Marketing. I registered because I thought it would be a good compliment to this, my Algonquin College course.

I was hoping to learn the ins and outs of pay per click advertising and other ways of using the many advertising options through social media. As it turned out the course was more of a theoretical nature regarding the various platforms and histories on each and the various functions of each.  The course instructor was Daniel Byrne, the Head of Social Media Education with the Shaw Academy.  He was very knowledgeable on the topic and thorough in his explanations and discussion.

While there were attendees from all over the world, I did manage to hear from a gentleman from B.C. who was also affiliated with the music industry. We have conversed through Facebook messenger a few times and have discussed various platforms that can be used. I was interested to learn that his artists- who are from the grunge/hard rock/screamo genre, tend to gravitate to Snapchat to share their posts. Considering the way that Snapchat works, I found that a little odd however, I feel much the same way about that genre of music.

I didn’t really leave the course with ideas per say, I did walk away with a greater theoretical understanding of the various platforms which was something I was lacking. One of the things that did stand out was something Daniel said which was “put your brand where the conversation is”.  It is a simple concept and rather obvious one when it comes to social media however, its one that can be forgotten.

Since attending the webinars, of course I am now on their mailing list and the course solicitations have been continuously rolling in. Their latest offer did grab my attention so I took action.  Next month I will begin a crash course in Digital Marketing.  I am currently working in Television sales and digital marketing is something that is relatively new to our sales team. My hope is that I will learn the theoretical workings so as to help our team succeed and meet their digital goals.


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