COM0014 Blog#7- Personal Reflection

Some people are great storytellers and great digital content relies on creative people. These like-minded individuals are what I strive to become. You know who they are. They tell their story in such in-depth ways that the reader can’t help but listen.  At the same time they use these same stories as marketing and social media techniques. They know how to utilize their skill to create, captivate, nurture and promote their stories. If online content doesn’t tell a story than most people will move on and find something that they can relate to. I want my readers to think that they know me or have a friendship with me.storyteller

To captivate your audience, it is important to focus on what people want to hear and share with others. I want my content to feel real and to bring emotion to that specific reader. It will be guided by my own personal experiences so that it is a realistic and trustworthy story. I also want to tell stories that “hit home” or that most people will relate to and give useful information that is respected and shared with by many.

Telling stories helps with grabbing the imagination of others and takes them to a place that allows the reader to live vicariously and visually through another’s experience. I am hoping that sharing my stories will connect me to my audience and that they capture and sustain the attention of others as this is a key leadership skill that I want to showcase throughout my writing.

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