COM0015:Post #3 Professional Networking Now and in the Future

For myself and my relationship with the music industry I have realized the value in knowing many people rather than just the “important” ones.

I have recently changed my networking strategy to cast a wider net and include all facets of the industry.

While I have always followed specific artists and industry personnel, I have started to follow the people within those camps to help me better understand how their organization works.

I have made it a habit when I am at an event where I am meeting people to immediately add them to my social network and include a comment relevant to our conversation to solidify their recognition of my name which right now is my brand.

Through this engagement it moves me from someone who random added me to an acquaintance. I also take a few minutes to look at recent posts and blogs to learn more about the person and their role in the industry. I try to engage on relative topics to build a closer relationship and share their upcoming events to show my support.

As we approach award and festival season, I will be paying specific attention to those who will be attending upcoming festival and events as to educate myself on valued or recent events. To do this I will set up a listening dashboard and include my selection of people.  By engaging online it will help me to engage when we meet face to face. Additionally it will help me to recognize those that are within their social circle. All of this will make me knowledgeable and topical and in the end will help me build my status in the industry.

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