COM0015:Blog #4 Out of the Box

For me, much of this course was new and unexpected. When asked about Social Media Marketing prior to the first class I probably would have responded with a focus on digital advertising and talking about pay per click rates and impressions rather than content management.

Using a platform such as Facebook to promote a cause seemed easy. It was all about “don’t say anything bad and beg everyone to like and share your page”… if only!

To effectively use multi platforms to relay your message effectively and the mere fact that Social Media Marketing was not only about selling tickets or product was a valuable lesson learned.

Over the length of this course I have seen on varying levels good social media management and poor social media management. I’ve noticed how some who are paid to promote and sell the idea of SMM truly have no idea how it works or how to use it.

The greatest tool I’ve learned is how to listen to social media and the applications to make it happen. Let’s face it, learning to use and using the tools are alot easier than creeping everyone’s facebook, and Twitter accounts!

I am most excited now about finding a cause to use my learning on. It’s always fun to play with new found skills but to use it to accomplish the final outcome, where you can validate to yourself, if no one else that you’ve learned something, is exciting.

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