COM0015: Post #2: Stong & Weak Organizations

In the world of social media, there are simply those who get it and those who don’t. Those who communicate and engage well and the other people.

One artist I have been watching and learning social media practices from is Codie Prevost.  In my opinion Codie has set the bar for reputation management, audience engagement, social listening and overall social media success. Codie has taken a significant amount of time to keep his fans and followers in touch with what he is doing and where he is performing.

Codie utilizes not only his Face book and Twitter accounts but he also uses Sound Cloud, You Tube, and even email newsletters to reach his audience.

Codie’s posts are always topical and relevant and more over, personal.


“Was very lucky to spend Father’s Day with these two beautiful amazing ladies! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!” 

On holidays he will send greetings on behalf of his family which typically includes a photo of his wife and daughter. When working on a video or album he shares behind the scenes photos and videos. When a fan comments he replies 1005320_10151486719571330_583003704_nand acknowledges the person.

He has maximized his social media potential by holding contests on Face book and Twitter and each Tuesday holds the Tuesday Twitter Party where he engages with his audience in a Q & A.

On the opposite spectrum are the Saskatchewan Country Music Association and its chapters.

As the primary music association for the country music genre in Saskatchewan, they greatly lack when it comes to social media. SCMA.jpg

From what I can tell, there are multiple people managing this site however no one is truly “Managing” it but rather posting random things to it. The posts to the site are random and often self serving to the one posting or all together inaccurate. Within the organization are four individual chapters. Two of which are somewhat active while the other two rarely post anything. Of the two who are active, you can tell who the managers are as most of the posts are about the events and successes of that person. There are few if any engagements with posts and audience members. They are haphazardly using Face book as a bulletin board while seeing very little benefit.

By adopting a defined Social Media Strategy the SCMA could capitalize on their members and other industry relationships to build their reputation and credibility which in the end would lead to additional paid members or ticket sales.

Going forward I feel they should first appoint one person to manage their online presence. That individual should work with the board to define their Social media objectives. Personally, I think their first goal should be to follow their mandate and promote their artists. This is easily done through blogs, Face book features and simply sharing posts by the artists.

Secondly they should promote the value of membership. This could be done through traditional posts and statuses but would also include testimonial from award winners. This would bring value for the membership and credibility through affiliation with successful artists and members.

There are many ways the SCMA can benefit from social media if they devised a solid plan and consistent execution for that plan.!/codieprevost

*Codie Prevost pictures courtesy of

**SCMA logo courtesy of


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