COM0015 – BLOG#1 Tools & Sources

While my use of listening tools at this point has been minimal I have found two that I consider to be of value to me.

In the past I have used Hootsuite primarily because its user friendly. It allows me to access Face book and Twitter as well as LinkedIn which are the primary platforms I use. It also monitors in real time so the information is always current and topical.

While my needs at this point do not exceed the capacity of the free version, the tool also has two advanced versions which would allow me to expand and grow along with my needs.

I’ve also in a small capacity used Social Mention.

It has allows me to use keywords, sources or hashtags to search the info I needed. Again it’s very user friendly and free which of course is of favor to me.

Since my interest is the music industry, specifically country music, I turn to Facebook and Twitter for my news sources. These platforms are the primary platforms used by artists and labels and industry people. By monitoring specific labels or icons in the industry I can keep track of the people and activities within the industry. In the beginning Facebook seemed to be the primary however I’ve seen a dramatic shift to Twitter in the last few years.

If I am researching someone, I turn to YouTube or Soundcloud. Both of these platforms give me examples of what the artist has to offer.  Again not something that can be easily monitored however in the music industry it’s a very valuable tool.

When I’m not trying to stay abreast on the who’s doing what in the music industry, and having some down time, I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook . It’s my personal news source. I can always discover something new. Whether it be finding out someone is moving or keeping in touch with old friends, it’s the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last place I visit before bed.

My other recreational platform is Snapchat. Admittedly with this platform I do more reviewing than sharing.  It was my son who created my profile and insisted I be a part of this network.  Since that time I have used it more so to see what he is up to with his friends.

Over the last few years I’ve been assessing how I want to spend the latter half of my working years. Knowing full well that I wasn’t interested in staying in my former position I started the search for my next career.  After searching numerous job sites, I met my new best friend in LinkedIn.  This platform has been fabulous as it has allowed me to connect with local business people in a casual way and has made me visible to business people that I never would have thought to reach out to.    In fact, it was due to LinkedIn and a chance occurrence that I landed my new position.  It just so happened there was a glitch in the computer system at my new company and my resume was lost in cyber space. I had added the Department manager on LinkedIn following applying for the job.  A mutual friend was speaking with him and decided to put in a good word when he informed her he had no idea what she was talking about.  The following morning, a Saturday I might add, I got a message from him through LinkedIn stating he had not received my resume however after reviewing my profile and experience he would like me to forward my complete resume and come for an interview.

So if you were to ask me if I am active on Social Media I would probably say not really. But, when I look at the number of times I click on one of the above icons in a day, one would wonder how I manage to get any work done!



snapchat  mommabirdy123



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