COM0014 Blog Post #7 Personal Reflection – Stacey Ingrey


The channels we use for storytelling have changed over the centuries especially with the introduction of social media. A story can be heard around the world in a matter of seconds but the need for it  remains very much the same. The desire to hear about another’s experience, the need to tell our own story, these are part of the organic human experience. We are curious animals. We want to know the person telling the story is someone we can relate to or is so fantastical it seems completely unbelievable. This is the beauty of it all. With billions of people on this planet, it seems unimaginable that we have and will all live a unique story. This is why story telling is so important when it comes to introducing out personal brand to the world. Our unique story is one in a billion and will no doubt have something to offer at the very least, one person.

The importance of storytelling when developing our personal brand means we are showing the world what we do best and how we got here. Why our love and passion or knowledge and abilities have helped develop us into who we are today. Our story is what we know best. Sometimes, it seems difficult at first to look back on ourselves and think of our story as part of our brand. It takes some deep analysis of us and this isn’t always easy. But, each step we took in the past is a view into how we got here and where we are headed. Our personal stories are our movie, they are our mark on this world. Everyone has a story and telling it, in whatever capacity, has the ability to create something even more beautiful in the future.

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