Applied Social Media for Business – COM0015 – Blog Post #3 – Stacey Ingrey

It seems completely unrealistic to even graspNetworking the concept of networking in the future. I can’t even begin to imagine what channels and platforms we will have to do so. Social media has drastically changed the way we communicate in the last decade and with it being so young and grown so quickly, who knows where it will end up.

As an individual and privately employed music teacher, personal connections play a very large role in my networking and the growth of my business. However, I don’t have forty hours to my day and these connections can take time! I remember when, I used to rush home from one job to teach a student, only to find out they had cancelled via land line voicemail. It made for a waste of so much time. Now, I can receive and respond to texts and emails at any point throughout my day. This makes scheduling that much easier.

It is also a huge help in supporting colleagues I cannot make it out to cheer in person. I can share their events on Facebook and Twitter as well as contact information. As an avid social media user I am ready to take it to the next step.

I am hoping to develop a website and Facebook page, including testimonials from former and current students, fees, my education and background and why I am the right fit for the client. My hopes are to have this completed by mid-August, in order to launch before the new school season but not too early as people are in holiday mode most of the summer. I am hoping to double my studio size by January. This was not possible before as my son was young and needed my availability.

I am excited to expand and welcome this “new” venture! What about you? What are your goals for over the next six to twelve months?

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