COM0014 Blog #7 – Personal Reflection

I think we have all grown up listening to stories and understanding the basics that make a good story. This course however, has taught me a much deeper meaning about storytelling and how important it is to digital content and brand management. 

Storytelling is very important to digital content because it helps you to understand your audience and guide the content you want your audience to know. Rather than just simply stating facts for your audience, you should use storytelling to build understanding and knowledge about your business and brand. Audiences want to feel as though they can connect with the companies they buy from or use, and storytelling helps to build that trust between customer and company.

Companies should tell stories about how they have built their brand, as well as stories about the products and services they offer. Companies should always make sure there is a human element to their story to make sure their audience can connect and empathize with the story you are trying to tell. 

This course has certainly been an eye opener for me and I will make sure to use storytelling in my communications from now on. Storytelling isn’t just for fairy tales, it’s an important business tool. 

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