Blog Post #6 COM0014 – Do people know your story? – Stacey Ingrey

Most of my clients know my story. I spend a significant amount of time being open and honest and communicating back and forth during my time with them each week. I hope that I am able to offer not only my guidance but my support during their time with me. I think the greatest part about my job is watching kids grow into successful and happy adults. I consider myself lucky to be able to watch this growth over time.

Parents, especially at this time of year, often wonder what to “buy” for their kids’ teachers. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say, we really don’t want you to buy us anything, we truly do love homemade cards. In fact, after many studio purges, I have yet to let go of a heart felt card! I keep them all and re-read them once in a while. It reminds me of all of the wonderful moments, their accomplishments and struggles, things they have overcome. Reading these memories, allows you to bury any minor regret you may have and remember, you, I, did a good job. These are my customer stories, I keep them to myself.


Saying goodbye to two of my girls many moons ago! We are still in touch!

I think my greatest fear would be for the love of music study to become obsolete, however, I can’t ever imagine that happening. When I wave goodbye to graduates at the beginning of each summer, I always feel a little nauseous. I wonder, will I ever see a talent like that again? How will I ever fill those time slots? Will anyone want to study with me? But, it always works out and I am reminded of my philosophy. Every human has a gift. We have gifts within gifts. Strengths and weaknesses. It will all work out in the wash!

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