Why can’t they get along with us?

I sat in horror watching and listening to the crime in Orlando on the news, June 12, 2016. The utter senseless of the deaths of 49 people boggles my mind, why a home gown american would considered participating and committing such a heinous crime. The advent of social media and the internet allows events like Orlando to be shared and dissected in all its gruesome detail.

Since 911 events, attacks on Western Society are increasing, because our life style does not fit in some preconceived notion of how a society should exist on this planet by one component of a religious group … extremists muslims. As far as they are concerned we are the non believers. Non believers of what, a religion that subjugates women as second class citizens, that men are they only voice and opinion to be listened to, and a sharia law  that is barbaric when compared to common law in the western world.

During my life, I have experienced and seen different cultures from Orthodox jews, Sikhs to the Amish and so on. They are more than happy to live and be apart of our society and live their culture within our society, and not go about killing large swaths of innocent victims because they do not believe on their religion and or follow their Law.

We leave them alone, they leave us alone. Our laws sorts out the rest.

For as long as I can remember Western Society  is a tolerant society of people just wanting live in peace and respect of the common person whether, they white, black, brown, yellow or LGBT.

Yes, Western Society has its share evil people, radicals, murderers, rapists, but our laws whether it is Canadian, American, British, German, French an so on … finds away to make it work. Yes we are not perfect, but it works.

So I ask why can’t they (extremists muslims) choose to coexist with us? 

With all due respect to the history of the world and geopolitical events that have shaped the world as we know today, my view point is that of a fairly educated Canadian citizen, commenting the current challenge with Muslims settling and living in the western world.

I have honestly believed the majority of muslims truly want to peacefully coexist within Western Society.

However, If that is the case then why after a recent raid of mosques in France, there are stock piles war grade weapons being found in mosques in France.

Makes you wonder what is happening in the rest of the western world inside mosques.

What do you think?










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