Crazy dog lady coming your way!

SO this past weekend I had a huge revelation. It was a bit pressing on my ego, but I had to admit to the fact that I am on track to becoming the ‘weird dog lady’

For starters, I only have one dog. But that being said I think about getting a second all of the time.  However, what was more concerning was how my weekend played out, and the role my dog had in my decisions.

I was supposed to play in a volleyball tournament this past weekend, I was excited, ready, stoked….Then I found out it was canceled.

Not a huge deal, I had a lot going on that weekend so I would just have to turn to plan B, C, and D.

By the end of the weekend, it was brought to my attention that there was a plan F. Plan F entailed working from home all weekend, and talking to my dog. ‘You hungry?’ ‘You Thirsty?” “Ready for lunch?” “Are you tired?”

OMG it is happening.

I mean I will not sit here and say that my dog answered me, but give it a couple of years and who knows…..

Do you talk to your pet(s)?

Am I becoming a little looney?


One thought on “Crazy dog lady coming your way!

  1. I think we all speak to our pets. I ask the dog all the time if she is hungry. The answer is always yes and when she really wants to answer in the affirmative she tap dances. Dogs are said to have the mental capacity of a two or three year old so it is only reasonable that we engage with them on that level. Dogs like babies seem to respond best after direct eye contact and the use of a high pitched tone. If I employ my librarian voice she is fully aware she is trouble and always responds with a doleful look. She never did respond the day I asked why she had eaten a pound of butter, a baguette and had left a carving knife at the front door. Some questions are best left unanswered but if the cats could talk I am sure they would have had a story to tell.

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