COM0014 Blog #6 – Do people know your story?

As a Corporate Communications professional, I think the greatest challenge that I need to overcome is fear. Fear can be a scary thing and can hold even the strongest business person back. Fear can be the ultimate villain in a person’s life story and we need to work hard to make sure that we don’t let it consume us.

As a professional, I need to make sure that I take appropriate risks and weigh the pros and cons of every decision carefully. There was a time that I was offered a position at another company and I had to think about the pros and cons of leaving my current employer and position, for a new employer and position. Even though this position was a better position and better pay, there was still the fear of moving out of my comfort zone and going to the unknown. If I hadn’t decided to take the risk and fight the fear, I could have remained stagnant in my career progression.

I think a lot of businesses, and people, don’t progress because they don’t accept the challenges that they are faced with. There are many factors that are out of your control when you are running a business, but how you react to a situation or face a decision is within your control. Overcoming ourselves is the biggest challenge we can face.

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