COM0014- Blog #5 Personal Branding

When thinking about my personal brand, I asked my husband what the one thing that stood out about me was. His answer, “You are Stubborn”. He may be partly right, but I feel like people misunderstand stubbornness for confidence. I am proud to be a successful independent woman and I am definitely not a pushover. I am happy to challengstubborne others and don’t always take no for an answer, but I also know when I am wrong and can humbly accept it, apologize and move forward.
My honest and outgoing personality is a trait that I nurture and love about myself. It allows me to easily connect with others and I feel comfortable in almost any situation. My colleagues would say that I am helpful and approachable and always treat others with respect and appreciation. They would also say that I have a great sense of humor, but know when its’ appropriate to use it.

Within the last 7 months, I have worked very hard to take the time to introduce myself, visit and build professional and trustworthy relationships with each and every one of my current accounts. I take the time to express my confidence in my abilities and show my loyalty and dedication by making sure that I resolve any issues immediately and listen to any concerns that they may have. It is my responsibility to make confidencesure that our clients are happy with the products and services that we offer.

I am proud of every decision I’ve made and wouldn’t change a thing. I am building my business and personal brand, which is a reflection of my confidence, hard work and dedication from my past and going forward into the future.



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