Cape Breton’s portion of the Trans Canada Trail

I like being in the woods.  Although I periodically go for a bike run around the loop close to where I live, and enjoy the beautiful scenery by the water, my favorite place to bike and hike is in the woods.  Luckily for me, we have 94 kilometers of groomed trails through the woods less than and hour an a half from where I live.  The trails are built on the old railway line that used to run up to Inverness.  The railway has long since closed and for the past 10 years, they have been working on a multi-use trail.  I have hiked, cross country skied and biked this trail.  It is hard to pick a favorite, but biking is definitely up there.   Besides I cannot think of snow yet…

Last week I got reconnected to this trail and it was an awesome ride.  We did 18 kilometers in a little more than an hour.  Monarch butterflies were flying all around us as we peddled. Because the trails are built on a railway bed, there is not much of a grade.  Typically not much more than 3%.  This makes it easy riding for seniors (there were 5 seniors and me a junior senior last week) and families.  Much of the trail is by the ocean and last year while biking I jumped in for a swim and hopped back on my bike.  There are also quaint vistas, and bridges and small communities along the path.

These trails are all part of a network of the Trans Canada Trail that they are hoping to have complete for Canada’s 150th birthday next year.  Do you have a section of the Trail in your neck of the woods that you use?


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