COM0014 – Blog #5 Personal Brand

Trying to distinguish your personal brand can be challenging at times, especially in the communications field. Everyone is always trying to be the first to do something or distinguish themselves from the crowd.

I think when I try and describe my personal brand, I always like to start with thinking about the items I have accomplished, and what I am hoping to accomplish in order to decipher how I stand out.

I think I am very realistic and reliable in my communications approach. I am upfront about what I can and can’t accomplish on a job, which certainly can distinguish me from those that over promise and under deliver. Being reliable and upfront, allows me to build trust. Once trust is built someone is more likely to employ you or work with you over someone they don’t trust. 

My colleagues would agree with that statement and probably say that I am a very energetic but knowledgable person, who is always bringing fresh ideas to the table. You can’t afford to be stagnant or happy with the status quo in communications. I think you need to constantly bring new ideas to the table, and it is something I try and do to stand out from the crowd.

I think something I have done recently to stand out from the crowd is take this course and work towards my certificate in social media. Social media is constantly changing and it’s important to keep up with the changes just to fit in. By having a certificate in social media it helps me distinguish myself from those who may have only taken a quick class or seminar on social media. Many companies know the way of the future is social media, and having this certificate will help me stand out. 

If I had to sum up my personal brand in one sentence I would say; I am a reliable and professional communicator, who is a savvy social media advisor and I am someone who is constantly developing her trade to provide the best communications possible. 

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