The appeal of windows and doors as fine art photography

Door Lead
(Photo by TC Gamze)

Yesterday I told one of my coworkers at my corporate job that I’m in love with windows and doors as a subject for fine art. To my surprise she shared the same passion and we had an animated discussion about our shared interest.

This got me thinking as to why I, as a moon-lighting photographer, that I’m so drawn to them. Just like love, sometimes it’s hard to put into words why you feel a certain way. You just know that it feels right and you go with it.

My love story with the photography of windows and doors came by accident, like love does sometimes. I certainly wasn’t looking for love.  Sometimes it better not to find love, because it can complicate things and be all consuming.  My love for windows and doors as art is so strong that I sometimes think my life would be simpler had I not taken that one photograph that changed my life.

TheSideDoor - 1
(Photograph by Heather Gordon)

That photograph I took was of a side door to a historic building in Perth, Ontario. There was nothing special about this door that was hidden in shadow and covered in moss.  But it took my breath away.  And made my knees weak.  I knew that when that happened that I had found love.

I’ve tried to explain my strong attachment to these architectural features. I think for me that although they are inanimate, they have the ability to speak about their history, about what they have witnessed.  They are at the mercy to the elements and to human abuse and neglect.  And sometimes their true beauty is only revealed once they have had that exposure.

My life has certainly been complicated by this love. I have had to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours to develop an outlet for it.  It comes in the form of sharing my love of ShareLovewindow and door photography with others in the form of black & white fine art photography prints available online.  I can’t think of a more worthy purpose in life than to be able share one’s love.

Is there one form of art that you feel passionate about? One that makes you feel weak? Please share your love with us …..


4 thoughts on “The appeal of windows and doors as fine art photography

  1. Heather, your passion is refreshing, and inspirational. To be able to have found something that you feel so deeply about is truly beautiful. Sometimes the things that speak to us the most can not be explained. It merely Just Is, and I bet it will fuel you to create some of your most beautiful work. To me, a door is a door; however, to you it is so much more and with your vision I might begin to look at doorways a little differently 🙂

  2. I admire your passion for doors and like your photos Heather. I think my passion and happy place is music. The right song can get me weak in the knees and feeling wonderful. If you’ve never been, you will go ga ga in Europe when you see the ancient and exotic doors there. I even took a few photos of doors while visiting France, although they are not whispering sweet nothings yet…

  3. Amazing!!! I have a love for stories… I can’t stop myself. As I’m walking through my day, I observe any little detail of life and a whole world opens before my eyes. Sometimes I write it down, other times I just let it shape itself into daydreams. When I travel, I always end up collecting tons of books, especially local ones. I have a collection of children’s books from around the world, a whole shelf on plants. I don’t even necessarily read or open them, but just to see all these pages filled with words just makes my heart soar! My favourite word in the English language is chuckle, because it leaves a distinct flavor in my brain and comes with so much depth, I can’t explain it. Stories are a big passion of mine. Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

  4. I just loved reading about your photography passion. So romantic 🙂 I’m not a photographer by any means, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE a candid picture of someone genuinely laughing. One of my favourite pictures from my wedding is a candid shot of me putting on my knock-off Ugg boots, looking at and laughing with my husband. I don’t think I knew the photographer was even shooting. Those pictures are far more precious to me than any staged ones. Thanks for sharing!

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