Post 4 – Costco Wholesale Canada-B2C Case Study (Digital Communication)

Costco Wholesale Canada is a great example of a B2C business that uses a variety of social media to engage with its audience and does a really good job at it. I follow Costco Canada on Facebook where they have 445,922 likes, Twitter 34,600 followers and LinkedIn 13,500 followers.

costcoThis company is just always on top of whatever they do. Consumers make numerous comments and post daily on a variety of their social media outlets and Costco responds to each and every one within hours of posting. Their responses address the user by first name and always end with the name of the person from Costco who has responded to the comment and a resolution or action to take place. Th
is personal approach shows Costco’s customers that they are valued and taken seriously.

Their social media team take the time to address all issues rather than posting generic responses. Costco’s style of responding is approachable and consumers feel that they can ask questions or post concerns and they will be answered in a timely manner with accurate and professional information. Costco is excellent at getting their messages across to the their audience in a positive and respectful manner. They use Social Media to their advantage to release and gather interesting and useful product feedback and to send out company information across all their social media platforms to their large group of followers. There are many large companies out there that could learn a thing or two about Costco’s social media approach.

Have you ever dealt with Costco online or any other large retailer? If so, what was your experience like? PS. I love Costco… I just can’t help it! 🙂


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