COM0014 Blog # 4 – B2C Case Study – Tangerine Bank


Tangerine Bank is a good example of a business doing B2C transactions right on social media. Tangerine prides itself on being a bank for the people and saving them money. Tangerine does a great job of keeping that theme throughout their social media channels. For the sake of this blog, I will just be looking at Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter, they post tweets and articles about saving money, as well as sending out tweets that link their great products and services with saving their customers money. They also do a good job of interacting with their customers by retweeting customer posts about the awesome service they received from Tangerine, or a product that helped them save money.

Tweet Tangerine

An example of Tangerine interacting with their customers.

Tangerine continues their theme of saving their customers money on Facebook. Their posts are very similar to the information they post on Twitter but with more interaction with their customers. They are very quick to respond and offer advice or help to their customers who are looking for it.

Facebook Tangerine

Tangerine interacting with their customers on Facebook.

Tangerine does a great job of posting information for their consumers, without always looking like they are selling a product or service. By sharing tweets and posts about money saving tips and how to budget, and then connecting it to a Tangerine product, they are marketing their product effectively. They understand who their audience is and what they are looking for in a product. They make sure that they have high quality interactions with their customers on all their social media channels.

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