B2B Case Study ONYA BABY COM0014 Blog Post #4 Stacey Ingrey

fSxmi3OEONYA baby is a B2C company who seems to be doing everything right (check out their website, it’s beautiful). I’m lucky to know the creator and designer well. She also happens to be in charge of their social media platforms and is doing an incredible job. A great product is the first step to success but there are many ways to use social media in the hopes of highlighting how great your product is and that is where ONYA delivers. Their hashtag #wearthemonya is simple, has the company name in the title and its purpose. The ONYA Baby Facebook page includes tips and tricks (my personal favourite), testimonials, pictures of real people wearing their ONYAs, activity ideas to do with your ONYA and even style advice for you and your ONYA. keep-cool-in-baby-carrier67fe5ecdc9585500360d4028502e6b05 They share blogs and ask the reader what their opinion is on the subject without imposing their ideas or beliefs. ONYA baby is an environmentally conscious and family owned business, titles they are proud to wear. I would like to point out, when you make a comment on the page, the owner responds to you personally, both  directly and publicly. That type of engagement does not happen often and really makes ONYA stand out. ONYA baby has 32, 726 Facebook followers and 8, 660 Twitter followers. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are updated daily. They aren’t slowing down and even though my ten year old is way past the baby wearing stage, I am always excited to see what they post.

Have you used an ONYA? Are there any family owned businesses you can think of with fantastic websites or social media presence? Let me know!


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