COMM 0011 #6 Blogging for the Cult of Creativity

One of the many reasons I have come to appreciate blogging and the energy people put into bringing forth their voice is my new but genuine appreciation for this type of creativity.


I recently read a book called “Big Magic; Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert and found myself in awe of what she explains as creative energy. She illustrates creative energy as a force which bounces around the universe. She explains ideas as independent energy bundles that look for receptive vessels to carry them forward. Independent of people, ideas can germinate in one mind, then suddenly leave and come to fruition elsewhere! Have you ever thought of something you found brilliant, sat on it for a while, then forgot about it or put it aside for whatever reason, only to see that idea resurface elsewhere? You might even think it was stolen, or perhaps the idea/project came to fruition in another part of the planet independent of you? Well, this is the magic of ideas, as Gilbert explains.

If you are not willing to engage into a contract with an idea and take it for a ride, see where it goes, it just might get tired and find someone who is willing! This has happened to me personally, and just recently, after reading through this book, I came to realize that two of my major ideas have replanted themselves and come to fruition elsewhere!

The first one is a long-standing interaction I have had with a project that never left the seat of my imagination. I have considered embarking on a venture to open a Montessori daycare in our neck of the woods. No one was doing this, though the market and the demand was huge! I knew that such a project would be fruitful but lets face it- quitting a full-time job, security and all the baggage that comes with it just wasn’t my cup of tea so I played with the idea for a number of years and then recently, coming into a new job, decided that I no longer wanted to engage with this inspiration. What do I notice, now, 8 months after taking my new job? Yes folks, you guessed it- a Montessori daycare- but wait, not only in my neck of the woods but at my exact parking spot, the place where I leave my car every single day of the week! Did the idea bounce off me into fertile territory? Perhaps it did!

The second incidence is a bit stranger since the idea is so specific it freaked me out to a certain degree. Years ago, after finishing my masters degree, I decided I had a burning question that needed answering- that was my sign that I needed to embark on the PhD road and began the process quite seriously. I established my research question- one so specific- related to Moroccan women’s discourse in Islamic scholarship with the emergence of female imams and plotting that against trends of female scholarship throughout Islamic history. Now, let me tell you, this is VERY specific. It targets A group of women, in a country half way across the globe in a somewhat underground movement! Well, lo and behold- there is a PhD candidate at Yale University taking on this EXACT topic. Now, unfortunately for me, my idea didn’t fly high, I was not admitted and in order to move ahead I would have had to take on some coursework and put in lots of extra time and and and and… I gave up. I let that idea fly away, not too far apparently! Yale is NOT far way!

This does sound a bit crazy if you think about it, but it makes perfect sense! Creativity and inspiration do not belong to one person, in fact, you can lose your train of thought or the spark for an idea quite easily, even if you are slogging over it. How wondrous is that? Personally,  I found it fascinating and I find it liberating to know that both ideas that touched my life, happened. I am not saying they happened because of me, but according to Gilbert, sometimes ideas need a resting place to germinate before they can find the right place and time for liberation. Wow.liz_gilbert_quote

So this brings me back to my initial thought and how I can appreciate blogging and the thoughts and perspectives people bring with them, they are bouts of creativity, and sometimes they generate movement, or instill inspiration in others. Isn’t that fantastic? Have you had an idea move onto greener pastures?

2 thoughts on “COMM 0011 #6 Blogging for the Cult of Creativity

  1. WO. I wasn’t sure about being capable to leave a comment on opening your blog, because i didn’t think i would have much to relate to your topic. But, i’m stunned after reading as if someone spoke words that were inside me and i didn’t realize they were there. I’ve even printed a copy of the last photo for my wall! So thank you!

    I never considered my self to be creative. Always a numbers person, not an artsy type. As a lark I took the photography certificate program at Algonquin and liked it, but wondered what i would do with it But i remember the moment: June 30, 2015 at 11:58 am, i found my calling and my creative side just poured out. It was only a photograph of a door that i took, but it drives me now. When i photograph a door or window in a particular context and prepare it for its final form (black and white, high contrast, fine art print) I can just feel that door or window was just waiting me. Its a crazy wonderful feeling!

  2. That is fantastic! It is a crazy energy isn’t it, once you tap into it, it does magic indeed. I have to say your interest is unique! Did you know that Morocco is known as the land of doors? I say that because I have not seen a fixation as intense on doors as in Morocco, they are beautiful, iconic and speak volumes- so I am sure your door/window photos do the same! Best of luck in your creative pursuits!!

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