Out of the Box (COM0015 – Blog Post #4)

A few years ago I read a blog about a farmer named Andrew Campbell who decide to post a different picture each day for a year about life on a farm.  This application of social media to promote agriculture was intriguing to me so I decided to do it as well.  I have discovered that it is harder than I thought it would be to come up with 365 agricultural facts.  However it is a great method to increase people’s knowledge of agriculture and has increased the number of people following me.

When using social media to promote an organization I have discovered that followers or new donors not only want to hear or see the major things happening with the organization but they also want to know about the little things.  Facebook and other forms of social media are a great way of keeping people up to date. Many people were reached by a post from the Pregnancy Resource Center that featured a photo from a Moms’ luncheon that showed strollers in a long line down the hallway.

I was a fair ambassador for two years.  Many of us posted about our experiences on social media. An unexpected result from this was that many of us connected online and formed a group on Facebook to support each other.

Most applications for use of social media are planned and well thought out but occasionally a simple post results in a social media connection that wasn’t planned.

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