Bullet Journaling…Mind Blown

Last time I talked about how I came back to school and blah, blah, blah. Well, as I got through my first year of missing many assignments and quizzes I realized something had to change. I started actually using the FREE agenda the college handed out at the beginning of every year that no one used. At the beginning of the semester I would print of my course calendar and get everything written in where it needed to go. For the first semester it served its purpose if I remembered to look at it. It was boring and I didn’t want to carry it around. So for the following semester I decided to colour code things, moving on up in the world. So I added a little bit of colour and I liked it a little bit more. For the last year of school I bought a pretty little agenda, and a separate notebook for nutrition and another for work outs thinking I had beat the system and it was going to work. Ha, not a chance.

Fast forward to last night when my friend sent me this amazing article from Buzzfeed on Bullet Journaling. Well holy crap- barney-mind-blownmind blown! This is probably one of the most creative/organized journals I have ever seen. And this isn’t just a nothing thing, there are blogs, and Instagram accounts that show you how to Bullet Journal (bujo). Not only is this system a fantastic way to organize your life, there is a whole rules and regulations to bujo-ing. It of course is all about you, but at the same time it isn’t just a pretty coloured agenda from what I am reading. The inventor of this fun filled world, Ryder Carroll, took years working on his to perfect it as talked about in Marie Claire. There are so many different ways and concepts, and colours, and it is all cascading around me and I’m not even sure what to do. But it is so cool and I can’t look away. These are just a few examples of some fun and creative pages and the basic essentials you will need to start your bujo addiction.

FullSizeRender bullet journal 2 20150917-BulletJournal-001-2

Not only is this new found interest going to organize my daily life, but I will now be able to focus on those goals and have everything in the same place. This is going to allow me to follow my workout plans, nutrition goals, and all those other failed separate journal ideas and make it work. I have a feeling it also might be make a dent in my bank account, I’m a sucker for new fun coloured pens and the perfect notebook.

Is anyone a part of this amazing BuJo community already that has any helpful hints for me moving forward? I hope some of you (or all of you) find some Zen in this and it works for you too 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling…Mind Blown

  1. I’ll have to look up this more as I’m an organizational queen! I love me nothing more than a well laid-out agenda and a calendar with enough room to write it all. I remember (and sometimes long) for the days when I didn’t need an agenda, but now-a-days my calendar is a vital piece of my life. I haven’t heard about BuJo’ing (???) before but I’m going to mark on my calendar to look it up 🙂
    And heck yes to the coloured pens!

    • My friends are always after me about why I don’t just use the planner on my phone, and colour coding my events are one of the reasons why ha ha

      I hope you get into it!

  2. You are the second person that I have heard speak about this agenda. I am always on the go and taking on way more tasks than I should. I will check it out and maybe ask you for some pointers along the way!

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