Professional Networking now and in the future (COM0015 – Blog Post #3)

My present strategy for developing my professional network is to increase awareness of my services to those in the agricultural field.  Farmers would benefit from making others aware of their products and services.  I can help farmers develop a website or use other social media to promote their products and services.  Farmers can also learn to use social media to promote agriculture and “life on the farm” to educate city dwellers about a way of life many know little about.

I plan to meet people in the agricultural field in person and online by attending conferences, workshops and meetings where farmers and those working in the agricultural field are in attendance.

Group photo from the Leadership camp

                   Group photo from the Leadership camp

For instance this weekend I attended a Junior Farmers leadership camp where I was able to meet with those working on their family’s farm or a farming operation.  I am involved in 4-H which also gives me the opportunity to meet many people involved in the agricultural sector. If I am traveling I will contact local farmers to set up tours of their farms if I have time.  I will continue to expand my network by meeting farmers and others in the agricultural field through agricultural events. I will meet farmers online by seeking out agricultural groups online through Facebook, I can also find people individually through twitter and Instagram. I can post agricultural themed posts to attract followers. This is how I plan to grow my network over the next six months.

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