COM0011 Blog #6 – I’m having a problem with my #account…

Many companies already understand the advantages of social media to their brand,  but how many are now embracing social media for other aspects of their business?

Social media and customer service is now something that goes hand in hand, however that never used to be the case. If someone had a problem with a company, service or product they would need to stand in a line or call in and be another number. Now customers simply need to head to Twitter or Facebook to lodge their complaint.

Some may think that this is great news for companies, and for the most part it is but as this video will explain there are some downsides to customer service on social media.

There are a number of companies that are already using social media for their  customer service. WestJet just recently announced that they will be offering 24 hour customer service through their social media channels. Since social media is all about listening to what your audience wants, WestJet learnt quickly that they needed to evolve to meet their customers needs. They know that their audience wants to be able to tweet their questions and complaints and hear back quickly so they started to offer it. I’m sure more and more companies will follow suit.

Would you prefer to ask a question over a tweet or over the phone? Do you think customer service over social media is a good thing?

2 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog #6 – I’m having a problem with my #account…

  1. I have always preferred talking to someone in person, especially if it is for a problem. However, I do enjoy being able to e-mail someone with a concern even if the response time is slower. What I don’t like about using social media for customer service is that it is public. If I have a problem, I would rather have a private conversation with someone. As privacy does not really go hand in hand with the big social media platforms of today, I have to say I don’t really like that it has shifted to such a public domain. I can see the benefits of it, as in by answering one question you can probably answer for a lot of people who are asking themselves the same thing. It can also create a snowball effect of multiple people pitching in to make a company realize that there is quite a common fault in a product or service. Maybe it’s because it is still recent, maybe we are still learning online manners to decide what should and shouldn’t be shared, or maybe it’s like anything else and there will always be loud and disrespectful people that will be heard above the crowd whatever form of communication we allow, but I will still always prefer a more one on one, private way of communicating. Yet, I’m happy for the more open and accountable forms of communication that are popping up and am looking forward to what that has in store for us in the future.

  2. I was surprised that almost the majority of people expect an online response from a company within an hour. Personally, I take customer service through social media with a grain of salt. If ever I were to post a question to a company, I wouldn’t really expect a timely answer, but hey if I did that’s great! My first preference for customer service would be to call or communicate in person simply because at this stage, those are more reliable options.

    When I think about companies trying to respond to customer needs on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, I just imagine cluster and unfinished to-do lists on the company’s end if that makes sense. Basically, it seems like trying to use social media for customer service can be putting a lot on companies’ plates if they don’t have a strategy. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a good idea to have that option for customers and enterprises to communicate. But right now, I don’t think all companies are up to speed with this notion so we see differing rates of responsiveness which leads me to question whether I’ll actually hear back from a company on social media.

    Thanks for your post!

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