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Where do I start? For that matter, where does anybody start!

I have just have just processed a thorough a review of the GLS dezign digital foot print. If there is a lesson to be learned about running a business, it is be consistent and timely in the maintenance and management of your online brand, this all boils down to reputation management.

Reputation management, something, prior to the digital age, was managed by phone, in person, through correspondence, printed advertisement, whether it be personal or business. That alone is no longer a sufficient course of action, today in order to succeed and be relevant one must manage their digital reputation. This all seems so easy, but, it is time consuming, one has to organize and determine the best road (read strategy) to follow.

Aa a soon to be 64 old imagineer, (this age theme is a marker in my blog) why am I moving in this direction when i should think about retirement, i digress, i am not going wither up and die. “the shoe maker’s son has no shoes?” Time to make shoes, he says.

Known as the jack of all master of none, amongst my colleagues, that approach, my understanding, is not the best way to promote your self in social media/digital age according to Kevan Lee.

I read Kevan Lee’s The 5 Keys to Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand power an enlightening dissertation of information on your personal brand and what to do.

Reality has set in on moving forward in the rebranding phase of GLS dezign, I dare say,  if you are starting out, build a solid base for your brand, and adjust and tinker along the way and focus on your key strengths. Many business start and once they are established they adjust the look and feel of their brand, read Company Logo Designs That Have Changed Over The Years

What i find as read lesson 3 material, is my mind is racing about saying … I thought more or less, in a convoluted way about how to rebrand my business GLS dezign, and fit that into a strategy of sorts. You know that saying “the shoe maker’s son has no shoes?”. I believe that means the shoemakers spend all of his time working on his customers shoes that he has no time for his son’s shoes. Speaking of which, while advise my clients on marketing, i have spent little or no time looking after my own needs to ensure my brand is up-to-date … aka … reputation management.

The good things about all of this is the Social Media we know today, will be different from the Social Media of tomorrow, it is not too late to get on the band wagon. Just look at children today in primary school.

Is Social Media the next melting pot?


One thought on “Blog • 2 • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram …

  1. Yes! Reputation management is so important! As the new social media coordinator for the non-profit I work for, this is something that has been on my mind since I started. Previously, my coworkers didn’t have time to follow through or keep our social media active and responsive to our clients needs. It made me realize that this was affecting our reputation and credibility as an organisation. However, like you said, as social media is ever changing and as it is still a relatively new concept, we still have time to catch up with the times, and build and maintain that reputation. What an active world social media is!

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