COM0011 – Introduction to Social Media: Blog 6: Some ways social media will change future of a business.

There is no doubt that social media platforms are here to stay in our modern world.
From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, the way people engage and use information is a result of how businesses market that information to them.

When it comes to driving more sales, website traffic or launching a new product campaign, social media will always be there to determine how businesses can create brand awareness and see how well customers are for or against a certain product or service.

Key demographics are crucial for any business to determine its future growth and when cost is taken into consideration, the amount spent on a campaign and its return on investment will truly reveal a business’ outcome.

The above is just some ways social media will play a future role in business. What do you consider to be the future of social media or different types of platforms?

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5 Ways Social Media will change the future of your business

One thought on “COM0011 – Introduction to Social Media: Blog 6: Some ways social media will change future of a business.

  1. The challenge for business is how to use each Social Media platform and when.

    I have been an entrepreneur since the mid 80’s and officially in June 1993 when I incorporated. My background is graphic design and marketing using a t-square, set squares, radiograph pens, letra set, tissue paper, acetate, mylar and booking media space by telephone and delivering final art by hand or courier to have your message published. Tools that are sticks and stones from the ice age compared to what is available today.

    Social Media place’s at one’s finger tips, on screen a plethora of tools to send a message, advertisement, video … to coin a phrase “whatever” at lightening speed … to whom you choose and for those who choose to listen or read your message.

    I remember reading the book Design Business, Clement Mok in 1996, a fascinating insight to Designing Business at that time. A quick review of just the images in that book is a profound insight into what exists today. (

    Each year the speed at which the Social Media evolves is breath taking, I see all of these tools merging into one megapolis, not a game, but a single tool that does everything.

    We have been assimilated.

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