COM0014 Personal Reflection – Blog #7

Reflecting back on this course, I feel that rather than learning something new, this course has reinforced the importance of telling a story and connecting with your audience. Social media is about connecting with others and how we do that is through telling our story. We all have a story to tell that is uniquely our own and we shouldn’t be afraid of sharing it.  If we are lucky we also have the opportunity to help others to tell their story.

However, your story can get lost or miss its connection if it is not well-written. We have all seen a great story miss its mark when it is not told well. The key word here is storytelling. There are better ways than others to tell a story to engage your audience.

The importance of ensuring you are talking to the right audience is a key point also. While there are some stories that are universal in their appeal, generally they do not work for all social media channels and for all audiences. You can tell the same story but it needs to be tailored to each audience and each channel.

The internet and social media has enabled us to connect with others around the world on both personal and professional levels. How we find others and how we find consumers is through providing engaging digital content and the best content always tells a story.

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