COM0014 Blog #3 Sarah Lamoureux – Target Audiences

My sister, Brandy Yanchyk is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker and journalist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her productions are across a wide range of social and factual genres and they have aired on channels including BBC World TV, CBC’s Documentary Channel, Rogers OMNI TV, PBS, TELUS Optik Local and film festivals around the world.

Brandy really is the creative one in our family and rarely seeks guidance from me when it comes to her career. Recently, she approached me looking for social media advice for her newest documentary release. “Coastal Revival is a 5 part series that tells the story of how passionate environmentalists and First Nations peoples are using the power of ecotourism to preserve the majestic animals of British Columbia’s coast.”Coastal_Rev-Thumbs-_0002_ep3-600x300

She was very interested in learning how to use social media to promote her documentary series and target a specific audience using a variety of tools and strategies. We both knew that although she had a Twitter account, she wasn’t engaging the right audience and we had to fix that. We went ahead and set up social media accounts with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Instagram. She began searching on all of the different social media outlets for people and organizations to follow that had similar interests or organizations. We looked for animal and nature posts as well as outdoor groups and nature activities or events. Before she knew it, people were connecting with her and watching the series as well as sharing and commenting on every link.

Setting up these accounts and using the tool Hootesuite allowed for one message to be distributed to many people throughout an array of different social media outlets. This tool enabled her to easily release each of her 5 episodes while promoting them through posts and trailers on social media networks, over a 5-week period. This online campaign reeled in the targeted audience and had them wanting more.

Check out Coastal Revival at and see more of

Brandy Yanchyk’s documentaries at


2 thoughts on “COM0014 Blog #3 Sarah Lamoureux – Target Audiences

  1. That is so awesome Sarah!! How incredible that you can help your sister reach the audience she deserves! I haven’t watched the documentary yet but I am so excited to! Congratulations!

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